CETAC QuickTrace M-7500 Mercury Analyzers


CETAC QuickTrace M-7500 Mercury Analyzers


This is a lot of 3 CETAC mercury analyzers being sold AS-IS for parts - review photos. The following parts are also included:

1 x CETAC peristaltic pump (serial # 080201PMP)

2 x optical glass tubes

2 x P/N 320051 / 330075 Rev.8 CPU board (serial # 439178 and 563055)

2 x P/N 68-0020-04 Rev.L lamp power supply (serial #00770483 and 0001223144)

2 x P/N 320052 / 330074 Rev.7 interconnect boards (serial #424830 and 692987)

2 x P/N 320053 / 330076 Rev.7 power supply boards (serial #544790 and 803478)

2 x P/N 320107 CPU/ACQ interface board

1 x P/N 320098 / 330079 GCU board (serial #356605)

QuickTrace software discs and other components - seen in photos

The QuickTrace M-7500 Mercury Analyzer, incorporates more than 30 engineering improvements and enhancements on the popular M-6000A, the M-7500 can easily achieve ultra-trace Hg detection limits (less than 0.2 ppt) using the proven and reliable cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA) technique.

The high performance QuickTrace is controlled from a new multi-tasking, worksheet based Windows interface which is easy to use, yet provides full flexibility and capability. Automated calibration, sample analysis, quality control and report generation capabilities are standard, satisfying the most demanding sample throughput and QC requirements.

The fully automated QuickTrace allows the analyst to select the desired sensitivity by simply altering the gas flow. No hardware changes are required.

The QuickTrace M-7500 offers accurate, sensitive and cost effective ultra-trace level Hg determinations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sub-ppt detection limits (< 0.2 ppt IDL)
  • High sample throughput
  • Random access high capacity autosampler
  • Non-foaming gas-liquid separator (patented)
  • Double beam optics for superior baseline stability
  • Easy access for user maintenance
  • Excellent long and short term reproducibility
  • Full computer control of instrument parameters
  • Overflow prevention system
  • Compatible with EPA methods: 245.1, 245.2, 245.7, 1631, SW 846-7470 and 3052
  • Multi-tasking capabilities - simultaneously run analyses, develop methods, print reports
  • Automated EPA-compliant QC - comprehensive QC functions easily user-customized
  • SmartRinse - prevents carryover from high concentration samples
  • Scheduled maintenance tracking - prompts user to replace consumables
  • Full PC control over instrument parameters - set up shutdown/standby routines
  • Online help and interactive tutorial - immediate software support
  • Automatic detection limit calculation - determine EPA defined IDL/MDL
  • Excellent analytical performance with exceptional stability, high precision (short and long term), low detection limits
  • Rapid sample analysis for high sample throughput (3 samples in 2 minutes)
  • Small sample volume required for analysis (min. volume required 2 mL)
  • Capable of switching between low and high concentration samples without hardware or configuration changes
  • Employs a gas-based continuous flow system, which provides a continuous flow of rinse and reagent, minimizing carryover
  • Integrated random access autosampler for automated sample presentation, and optional over range dilution capability
  • Double beam optics with sample and reference beams independently filtered and focused onto twin photovoltaic detectors for superior baseline stability
  • Thermostatted Hg vapor lamp combined with the Electro-Optical Feedback Module ensures stability and constant intensity output through the life of the lamp
  • Non-foaming (patented) thin film gas-liquid separator eliminates foaming problems, ensuring quick sample stabilization and fast wash-out
  • Overflow protection immediately shuts the pump off in case of improper tubing maintenance
  • High performance Nafion dryer efficiently removes water and solvent vapor
  • Automated operation with software control of all parameters
  • Easy access to the key consumable items for rapid set-up and simple maintenance


ConditionAs is
Serial Number060702QTA, 100603QTA and 110804QTA
Condition DescriptionBEING SOLD AS-IS - FOR PARTS
Electrical Requirements100-120V, 50/60hZ, 1.75A
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCE
Dimensions19"W x 22"D x 8"H
Weight (lbs)40
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelWHS