Sonics Vibra-Cell VC 50 Ultrasonic Homogenizer with CV 18 Generator Probe

Sonics Vibra-Cell VC 50 Ultrasonic Homogenizer with CV 18 Generator Probe


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The VibraCell VC 50 is a small and compact 50 watt ultrasonic processor. The probe can be held by hand and ultrasonic energy is activated by turning the amplitude knob on the front panel. Processing volume: 200μl – 50mL, depending on converter being used.

Unlike conventional ultrasonic processors, the Vibra-Cell VC 50 displays the amount of power in watts and the amount of energy in joules (watts x seconds). In contrast to other ultrasonic

processors, it is the only one that can control to one Joule, the amount of energy that is being delivered into the sample. In order for a sample to be processed effectively, it is essential that the frequency and amplitude at the probe tip remains constant. The Optotune amplitude control is unlike any other in the industry and incorporates proprietary digital circuitry that delivers exceptional stability, regardless of variations in density, viscosity, volume or temperature. Compared to other systems, the vibrations at the probe tip will not decrease as the resistance to the movement of the probe increases. With the Vibra-Cell critical protocols can be qualified and duplicated with confidence, knowing that the amplitude delivered will always be identical to the one specified.

All models are remote actuation compatible (footswitch is not included), and for greater reliability incorporate overload protection circuitry to shut down the ultrasonics in the event of out-of-spec processing. The converters are designed for heavy-duty operation, and are sealed for protection against potentially harmful contaminants.

The included CV 18 converter measurements are 1.25" (32 mm) diameter and 5.75" (146 mm) long. Cable length is 5‘ (1.5 m).

Frequency: 20 kHz

Tip diameter: 1⁄4" (6 mm)

Processing capability: 10 mL to 50 mL



ManufacturerSonics & Materials Inc
Serial Number23522C and 5244
MPNVC 50 and CV 18
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements120V, 50/60hZ, 2A, 50W
Electrical Approval / CertificationCSA
Dimensions9"W x 6"D x 13"H
Weight (lbs)6
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelNC2