Perkin Elmer 341 Polarimeter

Perkin Elmer 341 Polarimeter


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This model 341 polarimeter is in good working order but source lamps have low energy at 589nm. All other wavelengths operate well, but we are selling this unit AS-IS. ** SEE LINK TO BROCHURE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Perkin Elmer 341 polarimeter is a universal and general-purpose precision polarimeter with Na and Hg source lamps and Glan-Taylor polarizer. The model 341 is a highly versatile instrument for research applications as well as for quality control work. The instrument can be extended into the UV range and is ready for polarimetric HPLC detection.

The operating principle of the Series 341 polarimeter guarantees accuracy of ± 0.002˚ for optical rotations ≤ 1˚. The use of spectral lamps combined with suitable interference filters ensures a very high spectral purity, as the wavelength used for the measurement is precisely defined. This is essential when measuring substances with high values of rotation. The instrument’s automatic gain adjustment and selectable integration times allow you to measure the optical rotation of even the strongest absorbing samples with high accuracy.

With the Model 341 Polarimeter, five measurement wavelengths are separated precisely from the spectra of the built-in Hg and Na spectral lamps by interference filters. If required, four spare positions on the motordriven filter turret can accept additional filters for additional Hg lines. This feature, in connection with the Glan-Taylor polarizer (calcite polarizer prisms with an air gap), enables you to extend the measuring range of the Model 341 Polarimeter far into the UV region – to about 250 nm. Two selectable apertures for standard cells or microcells, along with 10 different integration times, allow you to select the optimum parameters for your application.

The Model 341 can be used as a fast, highly sensitive polarimetric HPLC detector, by simply installing a purpose-designed HPLC flow cell into the sample compartment. The precisely adjustable cell holder and fast integration times ensure accurate and reproducible measurements. The UV-transmitting Glan-Taylor calcite polarizers permit detection at Hg lines between 302 nm and 253 nm, enhancing sensitivity for most substances compared to detection in the visible wavelength range.

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ManufacturerPerkin Elmer
Serial Number9008
Electrical Requirements110/120V, 60hZ, 250mA
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCE
Dimensions32"W x 15"D x 11"H
Weight (lbs)70
Country / region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelS2B