Buchi B-425 Digester


Buchi B-425 Digester

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The Buchi B-425 digestion and extraction device has a very extensive area of application in the area of analysis and determination of total nitrogen or protein determination, fats or fat extraction in food, ready meals, meat products, foodstuffs, dairy products, chocolate products, confectionery, animal feed production etc. and is easy to use serve.

This Buchi B-425 is a closed system for quick, easy and safe digestion and extraction of samples and corresponds to the current state of the art. The device has 4 digestion places (suitable for 4 digestion glasses size (48 x 260 mm) - arranged in a row - and is equipped with special infinitely adjustable (scale 1 - 10 or power controller 0 - 100%) infrared heating dome with high heating output, which ensures a quick and complete ashing of the product material. In addition, the device is equipped with a tight extraction device for extracting the vapors and gases, which also ensures clean and problem-free working outside the extraction chapels.


ManufacturerBuchi Labortechnik AG
Serial Number552966
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements110V, 60hZ, 1100W
Electrical Certification / Approval.
Dimensions8.25"W x 20.5"L x 19"H
Weight (lbs)18
Country/region of manufactureSwitzerland
Custom LabelC4