HydroChem Rinse 912 Dispensing Unit

HydroChem Rinse 912 Dispensing Unit

Available quantity: 1

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Foaming agent HydroChem is intended for use in food industry, mechanical engineering and agriculture. Its design allows for efficient foam spraying for cleaning process equipment. Cleaning up is easy with the HydroChem. Whether it’s a clean and rinse operation, or clean/rinse/sanitize, all functions are available in this one piece of equipment. With special accessories, on and off can be controlled at the hose end, wherever the operator may be. There's no need to mix a bucket of this or a bottle of that: everything is neat and handy with the HydroChem, and switching from one function to the next is just the twist of a handle.

HydroChems not only simplify cleaning and sanitation, they deliver more effective cleaning, too, for several reasons. First, automatically diluted solutions are mixed more accurately and more consistently than manually mixed solutions. Since the solution is correctly diluted, it performs as it was designed to perform. Second, if a foaming product is used, the HydroChem produces a rich foam that clings to surfaces, providing maximum contact time, which aids the cleaning process. Third, a high rinse flow capacity helps prevent residue. Finally, since all the tools necessary for optimum cleaning results are at hand, the HydroChem increases labor productivity. Time is spent cleaning instead of going after tools or manually diluting concentrated products.

Number of Products: 2

Flow Rate: 3.5

Rinse Flow: 5.0

Dilution Range: 10:1 to 512:1



ManufacturerHydroChem Systems Co
ConditionNew open box
Serial NumberNone
Condition DescriptionAPPEARS UN-USED
Dilution Range10:1 to 512:1
Outside Dimensions13"W x 2.5"D x 18"H
Weight (lbs)8.5
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelBB2