EcoChyll X7 Hi-Speed Evaporator (100L)

EcoChyll X7 Hi-Speed Evaporator (100L)

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Built for industrial-scale evaporation, the EcoChyll X7 high speed evaporator from Ecodyst combines high loading capacities with rapid continuous cooling for efficient and fast solvent recovery. Courtesy of proprietary intelligent direct self-cooling condensers, the EcoChyll X7 high cooling capacity and large surface area condensers can reliably condense large volume of solvents.

Our industrial-scale rotary vacuum evaporator is a turn-key solvent recovery system trusted by chemists and botanical extraction processors in both research and commercial laboratory settings. Based on innovative self-cooling technology, our smart cooling system is both eco-friendly and efficient. The EcoChyll X7 continuous cooling system is guaranteed to increase productivity for high throughput solvent recovery and decarboxylation applications while keeping user safety and usability at the forefront of all botanical extraction applications.


  • Recovers all residual solvents (below 500ppm)
  • Designed to handle an extremely wide range of solvents, including water and all common solvents used in the cannabis and hemp industries
  • No need to move glassware: The stationary evaporation flask is filled with a siphon feed valve and emptied with a drain valve for uninterrupted operation
  • Can be incorporated in-line with botanical extraction or winterization systems and fully automated
  • Spacious evaporation flask prevents “bumping” of solution into condensation unit
  • Digital interfaces and data monitoring for stirring rod, vacuum pump, chiller, and heating mantle
  • Patented EcoChyll condensation unit reaches -40°C on the coils in under one minute
  • Single user operation with minimal interference required
  • Capable of evaporating ethanol at low temperatures (38C)
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Safety features for automatic shutdown

*** Also available in 22, 50 and 72L capacity - please inquire for pricing ***

See attached brochure and datasheet for more details.


Ecodyst has a modular upgrade program to help groups that plan to scale larger in the future. For example, the X9 EcoChyll condensation unit can be paired with the 100L and 200L evaporation units.

If you were to purchase a 100L EcoChyll X9 and later wished to increase your processing capacity, you could purchase only a 200 liter evaporation unit to pair with the X9 EcoChyll.

This amounts to a massive savings (versus purchasing two 100L EcoChyll X7 turnkey systems) while doubling your processing power.


ManufacturerEcodyst Inc
ModelEcoChyll X7
Condition Description2-YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY (excludes all glass components)
Electrical RequirementsSee datasheet
Electrical Certification / ApprovalUL/CSA 61010-1
Dimensions62″L x 30″W x 75″H
Country/region of manufactureUnited States