VentAlert WB86S Air System Alarm

VentAlert WB86S Air System Alarm

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The VentAlert WB86S air system alarm continuously and effectively monitors the operating efficiency of exhaust systems, confirming adequate performance or warning the operator when a partial or complete failure of the exhaust system occurs by emitting both audible and visual warning signals. The exhaust system in an operating fume hood produces a low static pressure which causes air to be drawn through the hood and ducts. VentAlert monitors the negative, operating static pressure in the duct just above the fume hood and alarms when the pressure deviates from the preset limit. The VentAlert alarm is mounted on the exterior of the fume hood (with a small sensing tube penetrating the duct above the hood - not included) in a location that is readily visible to the user during use of the fume hood.

Features pertinent to laboratory personnel include:

  • Audible & visual alarm
  • Test switch (operates only when VentAlert is energized)
  • Independent power source
  • Low-charge battery indicator
  • Electrical interconnect for special applications

Reasons for activation of alarm include:

  • Local power failure
  • Remote shut off by service personnel without hood operator notification
  • Slipping or broken drive belts
  • Slipping drive pulleys
  • Defective drive motor running at reduced rpm or motor failure
  • Broken fan blades
  • Obstructed/severely corroded duct (between sensing port and fan unit)
  • Closing fire dampers
  • Duct access doors not in place

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Dimensions6”W x 6”D x 3”H
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Country/region of manufactureCanada
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