Mettler RM180 Rheomat Viscometer with LG2000 Power Supply and Case

Mettler RM180 Rheomat Viscometer with LG2000 Power Supply and Case

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This Mettler RM180 Rheomat viscometer is in good working order and includes the 32.54mm measuring tube with temperature probe, LG2000/180 power supply and carrying case. The stand seen in photos is for display purposes only - NOT included.

The Mettler RM180 Rheomat viscometer is a rotational viscometer with concentric measuring systems. It is a portable, easy to use viscometer, used primarily for quality control and product development. It can be used manually using simple push buttons on the keypad or using a personal computer and optional software (not included).

The Rheomat can use concentric cylinders, TV spindles and ISO 2555 measuring systems. It uses a rechargeable battery for portability or in the laboratory it has its own stand (not included) and LG2000/180 power supply. The data is displayed on the Rheomats' Liquid Crystal Display and can be downloaded to printer or personal computer.

Typical applications for the Rheomat include cosmetics, food and coatings. An RS-232 serial port is available for direct connection to your PC. A Centronics parallel port provides a direct link to a printer. Single point measurements can be made in the Manual mode where you can enter the shear rate. Viscosity is displayed along with other parameters including temperature, torque, measuring system and stress. Pressing the printer key will print the values directly to a printer. In the automatic mode you can choose between programs recording 8 measuring points at a time, going up in shear rate and then down. This allows for a flow curve with 15 data points obtained automatically.

Viscosity determination can be made using measuring systems including concentric cylinders according to DIN 53019 for determination of apparent viscosity. TV spindle geometry is used for UD measurement values. Kinematic viscosity determination can be measured by inputting the sample density.



ManufacturerMettler Instruments
ModelRM 180 and LG2000/180
Serial NumberN10520
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements100-120V, 50/60hZ, 315mA
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCSA
Dimensions24"W x 17"D x 6"H
Weight (lbs)20
Country/region of manufactureSwitzerland
Custom LabelNM6