Nalgene 5242-0040 Pipet Cleaning Jar with Basket

Nalgene 5242-0040 Pipet Cleaning Jar with Basket

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The Nalgene 5242-0040 tough, stiff, seamless jars resist stress-cracking. Ideal for soaking glassware, washing pipets with corresponding Nalgene rinsers and baskets. Flanged base for added stability. Make excellent large general purpose containers. Covers (not included) convert jars into handy storage containers. Do not mix solutions in the pipet jar. Keep jar on a drainboard, in a sink or in a container large enough to retain jar contents in case of leakage.

Caution: Concentrated sulfuric acid will cause pipet jar to fail. When cleaning pipets with a sulfuric acid-dichromate compound, the acid concentration must be 60% or less.

The included Nalgene 5241 pipette baskets are made of resilient, chemical-resistant HDPE to protect glass pipets from breakage. Perforated screen in the bottom allows cleaning solutions to fill the chamber from the bottom and is recessed 3/4" (1.9 cm) for complete drainage. Use inside Nalgene pipet jars for soaking pipets in cleaning or disinfection solutions, then drain and transfer into a Nalgene pipet washer for automatic pipet washing and rinsing.

• Rugged, resilient baskets cushion pipets and won’t corrode

• Chemically compatible with most acids, bases, alcohols and detergents

** Price is for one unit.


ManufacturerNalge Company
Serial NumberNone
MPN5242-0040 and 5241-0040
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD CONDITION
Inside Dimensions6.5"diam x 20.25"H
Dimensions9"diam x 23"H
Weight (lbs)4
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelNK5