HenFen DF-II Magnetic Stirring Bath

HenFen DF-II Magnetic Stirring Bath

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The HenFen DF-II magnetic stirrer is constructed of sophisticated materials, fundamentally solves spherical flask vacuum reactions and pressure responses to long-term reaction mixing. The machine is multi-use. It can be used for heating, a water bath, an oil bath and many other things by use of its heating stir bowl (0-1250 rpm - stepless adjustable). The machine adopts a heat-containing method, where the liquid can be heated rapidly, with heat contained within the experiment, allowing for high stability of temperature maintenance and energy efficiency. The use of the high quality steel and teflon on this stirrer allows for excellent corrosion and wear resistance, resulting in a long service life. The enclosure of the working area solves the issue with general steel at high temperature under demagnetization phenomenon.

The HenFen DF-II heat-containing magnetic stirrer is widely used in various institutions involving things such as environmental protection, sanitation, epidemic prevention, petroleum, chemical, medical and other such units. The unit performs with no noise and no vibration. It heats quickly and contains heat in experiments well thus making it an essential and ideal experimental tool.

Bowl diameter is 220mm (8.5")

Heating power: 1800W

Maximum temperature: 300°C (572°F)


ManufacturerJintan Hengfeng Instrument Manufacturing
Serial NumberNone
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Speed Range (rpm)0 to 1250
Electrical Requirements220V, 50hZ, 40W
Electrical Certification / Approval.
Dimensions10"W x 10"D x 10"H
Weight (lbs)13
Country/region of manufactureChina
Custom LabelX3