Sage 355 Syringe Pump

Sage 355 Syringe Pump

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The Sage model 355 is an extended range, continuously variable syringe pump. The pump has a range multiplier switch that allows flow to be varied from 1.4 mL/day (with a 10 mL syringe) to 140 mL/min (with a 100 mL syringe). For multi-channel pumping, the Model 355 holds any two syringes up to 50 mL, or three up to 30 mL. Syringes are NOT included.

A front-panel flow-rate chart gives maximum (100%) and minimum (4%) rates obtainable with any of eight syringes. A ten-turn dial (%FLOW), calibrated to read out in percentage of maximum flow, permits easy setting of any desired rate within the range. A range selector switch (RANGE) can be used to reduce rates by factors of 10, 100 or 1000. Rates are set with just two controls.

After a filled syringe is placed in the holder, the carriage can be manually advanced to reach the syringe piston at the start of a run. At the end of the run, a safety slip clutch stops the carriage, which may then be repositioned and reset. If desired, an end-point adjustment control at the rear of the carriage permits stopping of infusion before a syringe empties.


ManufacturerSage Instruments
Serial Number41798
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements110V, 60hZ
Electrical Certification / Approval.
Dimensions13"W x 7"D x 4"H
Weight (lbs)7
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelNH3