WPI REMS Autosampler with Gilson 223 Sample Changer

WPI REMS Autosampler with Gilson 223 Sample Changer

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The REMS autosampler automates measurements of TEER epithelial or endothelial monolayers cultured on HTS well plates. It is a PC-controlled tissue resistance measurement system that offers reproducibility, accuracy, flexibility and ease-of-operation. Automated measurement of tissue resistance in cell culture microplates provides the advantages of speed, precision, decreased opportunity for contamination and the rapid availability of measured resistance data.

The main components of the REMS autosampler are:

  1. the robotic sampler that moves the electrode over each well of the microplate
  2. the electrode which is located on the robotic arm
  3. a base plate for the 24 and 96 well tray
  4. a Windows-based data acquisition card
  5. the REMS electrode interface unit
  6. the REMS software to operate the system on a Windows-based computer

Capable of acquiring TEER data on a 96-well plate in under five minutes.

Automation reduces possibility of human error in electrode placement.



ManufacturerWorld Precision Instruments and Gilson Inc
ModelREMS and 123/223
Serial Number191M6091 4H
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements100-240V, 50/60hZ, 2.0/1.0A
Electrical Certification / ApprovalTUV
Dimensions21"W x 17"D x 20"H
Weight (lbs)40
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelNII1