Lot of 98 Assorted Polypropylene Beakers

Lot of 98 Assorted Polypropylene Beakers

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This is a batch of 98 assorted plastic beakers as seen in the photos.

A convenient and cost-effective way to get started setting up a new lab, assembling student lab kits, or refreshing an existing lab. Many appear un-used - and all for one low price !!

This lot consists of the following:

Qty 1 - Azlon BDA240P Plastic Beaker - 1000mL: The 1000mL Azlon polypropylene beaker with a straight stable side is ideal for general laboratory use and has good chemical resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 135°C and therefore steam autoclavable. Graduations are clearly printed in indelible solvent resistant ink. Beaker is designed to BS5404: Part 1 1976 and complies with ISO 7056. Graduation intervals at 100mL. 127mm OD x 126mm H

Qty 1 - Cole Parmer Essentials Graduated Plastic Beaker - 600mL: This polypropylene beaker has molded in graduations that will not wear off and stacking ribs provide easy separation so beakers will not stick together. Graduated in mL and oz for easy conversion and accurate to ±2.5%. This beaker features a 600 mL (20 oz) capacity with 25 mL graduations.

Qty 11 - Mettler 51109388 Disposable Polypropylene 100mL Plastic Beaker: This 100mL disposable polyproplyene beaker is graduated and provides superior chemical resistance for general laboratory use. Convenient 20 mL graduations make it easier for quick measurements. Not for use on a hot plate.

Qty 1 - MLS BST120 Polypropylene 4oz/120cc Beaker: Polypropylene beakers are highly flexible; a gentle squeeze creates a spout anywhere on the rim. Stacking the ribs prevents the beakers from sticking together. Beakers can withstand temperatures from 0 to 121°C (32 to 250°F) so they are steam autoclaveable. Graduated with measurement indicators in metric (cc) and English (oz).

Nalgene 1201 Series Beakers: These low-form polyproplyene beakers are graduated with a spout that provides superior chemical resistance for general laboratory use. Beaker has easy-to-read silk-screened graduations plus catalog number size code resin code maximum use temperature and 'no flame' symbol. With ribs for easy stacking. Not for use on a hot plate. Meets ISO/DIS 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Beakers. 

250mL - Qty: 2

400mL - Qty: 1

600mL - Qty: 4

2000mL - Qty: 2

Qty 75 - VWR 414004-150 Graduated Plastic Beaker - 600mL: Beakers feature a pouring spout for quick and easy dispensing. They can withstand temperatures up to 121°C, so they are steam autoclaveable. The beakers are shatter-resistant with easy-to-read graduations and are transparent for clear content visibility. They are also highly resistant to strong acids and stackable.

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Serial NumberNone
MPNBDA240P, UZ-06200-16, 51109388, BST120, 1201-0250/0400/0600/2000 and 414004-150
Country/region of manufactureCanada, United Kingdom and United States
Custom LabelWHS - Lot 18