Perkin Elmer FIMS 100 Mercury Analyzer with AS 93plus Autosampler

Perkin Elmer FIMS 100 Mercury Analyzer with AS 93plus Autosampler

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This mercury analyzer includes WinLab 32 and S10 Utility software as well as a Harris gas regulator (see photos). A compatible AAnalyst 800 AA spectrophotometer can be purchased separately.

The Perkin Elmer FIMS-100 incorporates a single peristaltic pump, high performance optics with low pressure Hg lamp and solar-blind detector for maximum sensitivity. Automatic baseline offset correction (B.O.C.) immediately before each measurement provides exceptional short and long term baseline stability. Built-in power supply and control electronics based on surface mounted device (SMD) technology. The spectrometer, FI components, autosampler and other accessories can all be controlled via an industry standard personal computer (required option - not included) using the PerkinElmer Syngistix(tm) for AA system software (required option - not included) based on the Microsoft(r) Windows operating environment.

Product Features:

  • One stepper motor driven peristaltic with a maximum of 8 channels for tubing with 0.13 to 3.18 mm inner diameter.
  • The speed of revolution is selectable from 30 to 120 rpm.
  • FI switching valve with 5 ports and exchangeable sample loops. (A 500 microliter loop supplied as standard).

The Perkin Elmer AS93 Plus autosampler is a computer-controlled, multi-purpose sampling system for flame and flow-injection atomic absorption, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and UV spectrometers. They automate standard and sample introductions for instrument calibration and sample analysis via software commands, extending the spectrometer capabilities to those of a fully automated analytical workstation.


  • Resolution: 0.006 nm at 200 nm
  • Pump Speed: 0.2 mL/min - 5 mL/min
  • Nebulizer Capacity: 50% solutions of HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, H3PO4, 20% HF and 30% NaOH
  • Operating Temperature: 15 °C - 25 °C



ManufacturerPerkin Elmer Instruments
ModelFIMS 100 and AS 93plus
Serial Number933S6090505
MPNB3140810 and HP702-125-580-D
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements115/230V, 50/60hZ, 450vA
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCSA
Country/region of manufactureSingapore
Custom LabelNH6