Wyatt WMCW MicroCuvette Kit and Flow Cell Accessory Kit

Wyatt WMCW MicroCuvette Kit and Flow Cell Accessory Kit

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The Wyatt MicroCuvette kit allows a user to perform 90° static and dynamic light scattering measurements with sample volumes as small as 30 µL. Upon installation of a WyattQELS module (not included) in the MALS detector, the entire size range is accessible to DLS analysis of size and size distributions.

This MicroCuvette kit also comes with a BONUS 2nd case containing some flow cell accessories and other spare parts.

Case #1 includes: P/N 212114 MicroCuvette (1); P8461-51 Kel-F hub needles – 22 gauge, 2″ long, blunt tip (6); P8476-10 syringe tip filters, 0.1 µm, 10 mm diam (5); Norm-Ject tuberculin syringes, 1mL (5); cuvette adapter (1); retainer (1) and S5002-3014 screws, SHC stainless steel (2). 

Case #2 includes: Flow cell manifold; plastic flow cell cover (1); P/N 116007-002 K5 flow cell windows (2); window retainer removal tool (1); 1/4"- 5/16" open end wrench (1); P6504-2004 Kalrez O-rings (2); P6504-2006 Kalrez O-rings (2); 200609 flow cell backup ring (2); P8476-02 syringe tip filters, 0.02 µm, 10 mm diam (1); blue silicon end caps (3); retainer (1); S3799-02 jumpers, 2-pin female (2); fuses (3) and S5002-3014 screws, SHC stainless steel (2).


ManufacturerWyatt Technology and Whatman
ModelDawn - WMCW
ConditionNew open box
Serial Number0058 and 21287
MPNWMCW, 212114, 116007-002, P8461-51, P8476-02, P8476-10, P6504-2004, P6504-2006, 200609, S3799-02 and S5002-3014
Dimensions14"W x 11"D x 4"H
Weight (lbs)2
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelNR2