Atoll MediaScout ResiQuot Vacuum Manifold for Microplates

Atoll MediaScout ResiQuot Vacuum Manifold for Microplates

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The Atoll MediaScout ResiQuot is a vacuum manifold device for accurate and reproducible metering of aliquots from solids or suspensions such as chromatography media (“Resin aliQuots”), into standard 96-well microplates.

Subsequently, these are used in experimental determination of chromatographic parameters in batch mode and other applications.

• Applications for batch tests in 96-well microtiter plates.

• To obtain quick and convenient adsorption isotherm data.

• Optimization of adsorption conditions.

• Fast performance comparison of separation media.

• Drastic reduction of development time and cost.

This unit is incomplete (pusher tool is not included) and comes as seen in photos - appears un-used.

MediaScout ResiQuot functions with very small amounts of chromatography media or other solids available in a suspended form. The smallest useful sizes of aliquots contain a volume of as little as 7.8 μl (± 0.3 μl) - other available volumes are 20.8 and 50.9 μl. Aliquot preparation using pipettes does not generally allow such a high accuracy, except when strongly diluted suspensions are used. The latter method is associated with additional time consuming procedures to remove the residual liquid after aliquotation.

Materials displaying a tendency to stick to surfaces or settling rapidly are particularly difficult to meter accurately and are unreliably pipetted, even from highly diluted suspension.

The functional principle of the MediaScout ResiQuot is to aspirate the solid particles from a homogeneous suspension in a well defined consistant manner into the 96 cylindrical holes of a metal plate, the “perforated plaque plate”. Small cylinders of aspirated solids are released from these holes using a pusher tool (not included). This metal tool comprises 96 cylindrical spikes corresponding to the holes in the plaque plate, which push the aliquots directly into the 96 wells of a microplate placed underneath. Excess solids remaining in the holes of the upper part of the device can be retrieved similarly and used for the preparation of more aliquots.

MediaScout ResiQuot Technical Details and Function:

The lower plate of the device functions as a manifold chamber with vacuum connector and frit holder with stainless steel frit. The edge of the frit holder is completely sealed against the lower plate by the gasket. Vacuum aspiration can only take place through the stainless steel frit. The precise alignment and orientation of the upper manifold onto the lower manifold is assured by two dowel pins placed near the edge of each unit and fitting into drilled holes. Two knurled assembly screws provide rapid and secure clamping of the upper and lower manifolds. A gasket inserted into and around the edge of the upper manifold ensures a vacuum tight connection between upper and lower manifolds. Once assembled, the perforated plate is inserted into the front opening as far as to the stop. The 96 holes drilled in the perforated plate are then aligned to the centres of 96 larger holes in the upper manifold. A vertical metal plate acts as a stop to ensure precise alignment and includes a gasket seal between the perforated plate and the assembled manifolds. The perforated plate is held firmly in place by two clamps, attached to the front of the upper manifold. The holes drilled in the upper manifold are filled with the required suspension which is then drawn into the 96 small cylindrical holes of the perforated plate under vacuum, to the level of the stainless steel frit.


ManufacturerAtoll GmbH
ModelMediaScout ResiQuot
Serial Number00009011
Dimensions8"W x 7"D x 4"H
Weight (lbs)5
Country/region of manufactureGermany
Custom LabelF4A