Zebron ZB-50 (7HG-G004-05) Capillary Column (30M x 0.25mm x 0.15 µm)

Zebron ZB-50 (7HG-G004-05) Capillary Column (30M x 0.25mm x 0.15 µm)

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30M x 0.25mm x 0.15µm film thickness (50% Phenyl - 50% Dimethylpolysiloxane ) - The ZB-50 columns provide robust results and rugged performance. These high polarity columns with temperature limits up to 340 ˚C allow high temperature bake out to remove contaminants.

Other features include:

Excellent inertness to minimize analyte adsorption, improve efficiency, and reproducibility.

More rugged (longer column life) than other polar phases.

Excellent for trace analysis with bleed-sensitive detectors
Great for drug screening and environmental compounds.

Recommended use: Antidepressants, aroclors, cholesterols, drugs of abuse, EPA methods (508, 608, 8081, 8141, 8151), glycols, pesticides/herbicides, steroids and triglycerides.

Price is for one column.


ManufacturerPhenomenex Inc
ConditionNew open box
Serial Number582163 and 582164
Condition DescriptionOPEN BOX - APPEARS UN-USED
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelG4