Digit2000 MegrPFM Digital Measuring Tape - Backgauge Indicator

Digit2000 MegrPFM Digital Measuring Tape - Backgauge Indicator

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Starting at $895USD, depending on measuring range chosen (see below for more pricing options)

Digit2000 is a universal digital retrofit kit, which is designed to measure the backgauge of any linear movements more easily and more accurately, regardless of the brand name or size and can be used with motorized or manual backgauges. The benefits also include precise cuts regardless of the lead screw's wear and tear. The measuring will be displayed on a large and easy to see LED display which is used for most applications where space and budget is limited but precision is paramount.

·    NEW FEATURE: POWER FAILURE MEMORY (retains last reading in case of power loss)

·    Obtain a precise readout on your existing equipment

·    Easy, fast and non-critical installation in less than an hour

·    Will fit to all systems with or without motorized backgauge

·    Eliminates inaccurate readings

·    Reduces material waste

·    Easy to install and to use

·    Low cost

In addition to the above benefits, digit2000 is a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glass scales or older metal tapes.


Paper cutters - Shearers - Breaks - Table saws - Panel saws - etc.

The Digit2000 encoder unit (cable extension transducer) has a stainless steel cable which is wound on a drum that turns as the cable (reels and) unreels. While the drum rotates, an incremental encoder sends the signal to the LED display of the reading (extended wire length). To keep the cable tension constant, a power spring has been added to the drum.


Up to 50" standard measuring range (model Megr2050PFM)

Optional up to 180"(model Megr20180PFM)

Readings available in inches, fractions and metric - all at the touch of a button

Zero setting at any point

DC 9V operation (AC adapter included)

Accurate to 0.01" (regardless of lead screw wear)

Includes 1-year warranty

Models available (prices are listed in US dollars):

Megr2050PFM - max measuring range 50" - $895

Megr2060PFM - max measuring range 60" - $995

Megr2070PFM - max measuring range 70" - $1095

Megr2080PFM - max measuring range 80" - $1195

Megr2090PFM - max measuring range 90" - $1295

Megr20100PFM - max measuring range 100" - $1395

Megr20120PFM - max measuring range 120" - $1350

Megr20180PFM - max measuring range 180" - $2015

** Other custom ranges available at extra cost - please contact directly to inquire.


Serial NumberTBD
MPNDoes not apply
Condition DescriptionNEW
Measuring Range50" - 120"
Electrical RequirementsDC 9V operation (AC adapter included)
Electrical Certification / Approval.
Country/region of manufactureCanada