Fisherbrand 8-Channel Alarm Timer

Fisherbrand 8-Channel Alarm Timer

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Fisherbrand Eight-Channel Alarm Timer can be set from whisper low at the lab bench to ear-piercing loud for noisy plant areas. Features a clock and a stopwatch mode. Manufactured with a continuously-adjustable alarm-volume control. Alarms may be set to sound continuously until turned off manually or set to turn off automatically in 7 seconds or 1 minute.

Eight channels:

Three channels count down–each with a memory (memory allows automatic return to the previously programmed time at the press of a button). One channel counts down, and when zero is reached, alarms and starts counting up. The stopwatch channel counts up and alarms at any preset time. The 2 repeat channels automatically alarm repeatedly at any programmed time interval (e.g., set it to continually sound an alarm every 37 min.)

100-hour timing capacity: Clock channel displays time-of-day in AM/PM or 24-hour time.Each timing channel has a timing capacity of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.

Brilliant display: Extra-large, easy-to-read, headline-size, 1/2-inch-high LED digits are bright and sharp. Display can be read from 25 feet away.

Construction: Housed in an ABS plastic case


ManufacturerFisher Scientific
Serial Number240142754
Condition DescriptionIN WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements120V, 60hZ - adapter
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCSA
Dimensions6.5"W x 4.25"D x 3.5"H
Weight (lbs)1
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelG3