Corning PYREX 4980/Kimble KIMAX 26500 Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask - 125mL

Corning PYREX 4980/Kimble KIMAX 26500 Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask - 125mL

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Corning 4980-125 PYREX 125mL Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim - Capacity: 125mL; height: 114mm; outer diameter: 67mm. Made from borosilicate glass code 7740. Narrow mouthed Erlenmeyer flask uses rubber stopper number 5. Graduated from 50 to 125mL in 25mL intervals. Reusable and non-sterile with an extra large marking space provided.

PYREX Vista 70980 125 mL Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks with Heavy Duty Rim - These 125 mL PYREX VISTA Erlenmeyer flasks have uniform wall thickness which provide balance between mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. Reusable flask has a narrow mouth and a beaded rim, with extra large marking space and approximate graduations in durable blue enamel. The 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask is designed to ASTM E-1404 Type 1.

Kimble 26500-125 KIMAX 125mL Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Reinforced Beaded Rim - 125mL narrow mouth Erlenmeyer flasks are the choice for general laboratory usage; designed to meet ASTM Specification E1404, Type I, Class 1 requirements. Designed for economy and versatility, tops are reinforced and tooled with a rounded finish, containing more glass to give them maximum mechanical strength. Body is thick walled with a long tapered outside contour to minimize chipping when struck or rubbed together. All fasks have durable white ceramic enamel scales to indicate approximate volumes at various levels, useful in measuring/mixing solutions where a high degree of accuracy is not necessary.

Graduation Range: 50mL to 125mL

Graduation Intervals: 25mL

Stopper Size: 5 (not included)

Outer Diameter: 66mm

Height: 108mm


ManufacturerCorning Inc, Kimble Chase and VWR Scientific
ModelPYREX, Vista and KIMAX
Serial NumberNone
MPN4980-125, 5100-125, 70980-125, 26500-125, 26650-125, 10535-912
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelD2 and D3