Corning Costar 3789 Assay Plates - 96 Well (Pack of 25)

Corning Costar 3789 Assay Plates - 96 Well (Pack of 25)

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Corning 3789 - 96-Well x 330µL Round Bottom Assay Microplate without Lid, Non-Treated White Polystyrene, Non-Sterile - Solid white 96-well polystyrene microplate has round bottom wells with a 330µL total well volume and a recommended working volume of 75 to 200µL.

Not treated (or medium binding) polystyrene surface is hydrophobic in nature and binds biomolecules through passive interactions; binding capacity of 100 to 200ng IgG/cm2. Suitable primarily for the immobilization of large molecules, such as antibodies, that have large hydrophobic regions that can interact with the surface.

White microplate enhances luminescent signals and has low background luminescence and fluorescence; designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk.

Price is for one pack of 25.


ManufacturerCorning Inc
Serial NumberNone
Condition DescriptionOPEN BOX - NOT USED
Capacity / Volume96 x 330µL
Country/region of manufactureUnited States
Custom LabelB5E