Shimadzu SIL-10AF Autoinjector

Shimadzu SIL-10AF Autoinjector

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The Shimadzu SIL-10AF autoinjector has a sample injection time of only 40 seconds for a 10µL injection. When flow line rinsing after injection is included, the unit is ready for the next injection in about 2 minutes. As a result, high throughput repeat analysis is possible, and sample preparations such as dilution and mixing can be performed rapidly. As well as being a multi-purpose autosampler, it is also capable of high-speed sample injection. In particular, the time required for sample preparation such as dilution and mixing has been shortened substantially. Furthermore, sample processing capability is greatly enhanced since two 96-well titer plates (standard and deep-well - not included) can be used. Injection repeatability, essential for quantitative analysis, is excellent, producing highly reliable analytical results.

Sample vials ranging from microtiter plates to 13mL vials are supported and can be used in a wide range of applications from analytical to semi-preparative work.

Syringe measured injection, a fixed volume loop injection which minimizes cross-contamination and has excellent repeatability.

Flexibility to sample preparation by utilizing dilution and reagent addition routines.

This autoinjector includes the 100-place vial rack seen in photos.

** A Shimadzu SCL-10A system controller is available for separate purchase - please inquire.



ManufacturerShimadzu USA Manufacturing Inc
Serial NumberC21334000625 CD
MPN228-38599-92 and 228-39000-92
Condition DescriptionIN GOOD WORKING ORDER
Electrical Requirements115V, 50/60hZ
Electrical Certification / ApprovalCSA
Dimensions19"W x 11"D x 11"H
Weight (lbs)42
Country/region of manufactureJapan
Custom LabelNSD4