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Chemistry RG Consultant Inc. We were created to help compaines in the subject of Labaratory Solutions.

Our organization is compased of a group of Scientists that has gain years of experience in the world of Science and Management.

Chemistry RG Consultant Inc. size is just right one on one inferaction,which is important in today's fast pace.

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We were created to help companies in the subject of Laboratory Solutions

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Laboratory Construction
  • Consulting, Designing, Planning’s and Building laboratories
  • As per client requirements and National Regulations 
  • (NFPA) Complete turn-key solution that meets industrial regulations
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Laboratory Training
  • One-on-one Training of laboratory personnel
  • Professional Training to ISO standards i.e., IP, ASTM
  • Safety Training to OSHA regulations
  • Training on procedures and NFPA
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Laboratory Experise
  • Petroleum: Oil & Gas, Crude, and Upstream Production
  • Tar Sands: Plant Process, Pipeline Oil Quality, Diluents
  • R&D: Fertilizers, Wood Resin, Biomass
  • Alternative Energy: Ethanol, Biodiesel, Liquid Wood, Corn 
  • Waste Water: Testing and Bacteria Culture 
  • Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis Products and Extraction 
  • Pharmaceutical: Chemicals Testing
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Report and Procedure Write-Ups
  • Expert write-up of QA Manual and Procedures
  • Expert write-up of Health & Safety Manual 
  • Follow NFPA regulations, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ASTM, IP